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Getting excited for Halo Reach

30 April, 2010 Leave a comment

After watching some videos for Halo Reach, I’m starting to build up a lot of expectations. Normally, I’m pretty mellow when it comes to me buying into the hype of games. I can look forward to playing games, but that doesn’t mean that I go nuts about them. For some reason, I’m not like that with the Halo games. Here’s a video where one of the Bungie guys are showing off some multiplayer action while providing some interesting commentary and all the small details have gotten me all excited.

It’s nothing extremely special, really, but it’s all the small things put together that I really like. The funny thing is that I haven’t actually played Halo 3 that much online. I’ve been wanting to, but I’ve had other games that I’ve wanted to play more, mostly to get through single player story stuff. But I think that I might actually log a lot of time with Halo Reach. I bought Halo ODST, so I should be able to download the Reach beta and try it out.

I also can’t wait for the story mode of Halo Reach. I usually play it through myself first and then I get a few playthroughs co-operatively with some friends and I expect the same to happen with this one.

Cute grammar animals

14 April, 2010 Leave a comment

As a language enthusiast (looks flashier than “nerd”), I always appreciate witty commentary on stuff like misspellings and bad grammar. That’s why I just love this blog post. I think the alot is a very cute animal. Go see for yourself 🙂

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Two videos

8 April, 2010 Leave a comment

I saw one of the following videos mentioned on Twitter today, I think it was Scott Mosier (@smosier) who linked to it, and it just blew my mind. It had such impressive photography and visual effects and I really love the retro gaming flavor. Check it out:

It also reminded me of a video I saw on Vimeo a while ago that was in a similar vein. It didn’t have anything to do with gaming, but rather the bird’s eye view of a big, New York-ish, city. There are no computer effects in it, although it might seem like a lot of it is CGI, and it’s not animatronic miniatures or anything like that either. It’s actually filmed from high places with an array of different camera lenses and other tech stuff that I’m not really in the know about, but it sounded interesting the way it was described on the guy’s homepage which gets a link on the video’s Vimeo page. It has aweome music too! Here it is:


7 April, 2010 3 comments

I’m a language teacher. Something that comes with the territory is that you become a language fascist. Funny thing, though, is that I was more anal about language than I am now. Now my linguistic philosophy is more descriptive than prescriptive, if we’re using heavy duty linguistics terminology, but I don’t expect that most people know what that means. Anyhow, I have a whole bunch of pet peeves when it comes to language. One of the bigger ones is English-speaking people who pronounce “et cetera” as [exetera]. There is NO [k] sound in there. You’re supposed to pronounce it as it’s written: [et setera]. The amount of people in YouTube videos and on TV that say [exetera] is astounding and quite saddening because the ignorance is so widespread.

Also, it’s abbreviated “etc”, NOT “ect”. Get that through your thick skulls, illiterates. Thanks!

My EA support adventure

7 April, 2010 Leave a comment

This is an experience I had with Electronic Arts’ online support people about two months ago when I was having trouble getting Dragon Age: Origins to work properly with the DLC I had bought online. I had also used a free gift voucher that I got in the game box. I had no problem buying them with my newly created Bioware/EA profile or downloading and installing them. Downloading patches worked fine too. Then I became swamped with work and other stuff and had no time to play until two weeks later. When I tried to reload my save the game told me that I was “Unauthorized” to use that DLC. I went back and forth trying a bunch of stuff to make it work and to make sense of it all. No such luck.

I wrote EA support about it and got a standard reply. Tweeted about it:

I love how EA says that I must use another account to access my Dragon Age DLC, when I only have one account. Fuckers.

I then wrote them this on their support correspondence page:

The game says that I’m unauthorized to use the DLC I’ve purchased and used my download code for. It claims that I’m not logged in with the correct account, when I have never used more than my current account. When I access my “Your registered game promotions” on the Bioware Social Network, it says that I’ve got Warden’s Keep and The Stone Prisoner, but the game will not let me use them. Since I cannot possibly log in with another account, what do you propose I do to remedy this? I fully expect to get access to the DLC I’ve paid for. When can I expect to be able to play what I’ve paid for?

Reply sent, the system told me that I would have a reply within 24 hours. My next tweets looked like this:

EA support said I should expect a response within 24 hours. 30 and counting, no response… Fuck you, EA.

EA douchebaggery update: Approaching 48 hours and still no response from them. “Expect a response within 24 hours” my ass!

EA update: Answer came after 60 hours, containing a solution that contradicted my situation and that actually was no solution. Retards.

The answer I got looked like this:


Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your Dragon Age: Origins purchase. It is always a pleasure to assist our customers in any way that we can.

At first, please accept my apologies for any delay in addressing your issue. Please note that due to the release of this popular game, Dragon Age of Origins we are getting contacts in volumes comparing to normal flow. Though we are trying to get back to every one as soon as possible a little delay is inevitable.

I’m sorry to hear about the issue you are facing with Dragon Age: Origins download content. This happens when an account which does have access to these items downloads them at any point, and another account logs in (which does not have these entitlements.

If there is anything else we can help you with please let us know. Additional support can be found on our help site located at

EA Customer Support – Dragon Age: Origins

Howdy Vincent! Now you’re my pal! Or not. Vincent managed to fuck up the URL to the solution, so I had to copy and paste myself. You’re not getting any brownie points here. Anyhow, that page told me that it’s a bad booboo to log in with another account when you’ve already downloaded DLC with a first one. Too bad for Vincent that I wrote in my original message that I’ve only used one account. After that I wrote another reply and attached two screenshots just to be overly clear. Here it is:

Dear Vincent. I am really, truly sorry if you (or whoever else reads this update) are offended by any frustration I might display in the coming lines.

In my original message I EXPLICITLY stated that I had “never used more than my current account”. That alone contradicts your “solution” of my problem. I put that in quotation marks because what you provided wasn’t a solution. So please, in the future, stop wasting my, your own and EA/BioWare’s time by trying to flip me a “solution” that you already, from the information given to you, KNOW will not do anything at all.

So let’s try this again, shall we? I have still paid money and spent a download code on this and I fully intend to get what I paid for. I will get painstakingly detailed here, so that you can’t possibly botch this.

After I installed the game, I got myself to the DLC part of the menu. This required that I log in. I logged in using my existing EA account which is tied to the email address I entered the DLC code for the Stone Prisoner that I got on the card that came with the game. I then purchased points so I could get Warden’s Keep. After that I downloaded and installed both of them. How is this possible? Because I marked the “Always log me in” box the first time I entered my log-in details. This was more than a week before I discovered that the game called my DLC unauthorized. I will now re-state what I wrote in my original question. I HAVE NEVER EVER USED ANY OTHER ACCOUNT THAN WHEN PLAYING DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS. Is that clear enough? I always used the “Always log me in” function until the game started complaining and I tried a few different log-ins.

Thus far, it should be clear as goddamn day that there is something wrong here and the fault isn’t on my end. What with the “only using one, single account” thing, I mean. But then we get to part two. If I log in to it says that my account has the following details:

Email Address:
Xbox Gamertag(s): Dakkster
PSN Name(s): None

That’s all well and good, everything’s correct. I then click myself into Profile and then Your registered game promotions. On that page it quite clearly says that I have access to Warden’s Keep and The Stone Prisoner. I’ve included two screenshots. One of them shows this page. The other shows the menu in-game, showing that I’m logged in to the same account ( Those two screenshots don’t mix. They contradict each other.

So again, I’ve paid for the content, I’m only using one single account, BioWare’s page RIGHTLY shows that I should have access to the content. But the game doesn’t allow me to. So what I want you guys at EA Support to do, is to fix this. If there is a glitch somewhere in the DRM server or whatever, you make sure that I get access to what I paid for in the game. I have done everything I can do and the fact that I didn’t even do anything wrong in the first place is a bit annoying. What’s even more annoying is that I have to spell things out to you guys like this. Is it really THAT hard to read and comprehend “I have never used more than my current account”?

I’m awaiting your SOLUTION.

After this someone other than Vincent replied, someone who actually possessed some technical know-how, and my problem was swiftly resolved. My dripping sarcasm wouldn’t have been necessary if EA didn’t assume that their customers are morons.

Top 15 books

6 April, 2010 2 comments

Just to get some content up here, I’m copying this from an old blog. It’s a list of my top fifteen favorite books. I made the list in June 2009 and it’s apparent to me now that I need to make a few changes, but that’s for another post.

1. Charles DeLint – Trader
2. Nick Hornby – High Fidelity
3. Max Brooks – World War Z
4. Henry Rollins – Black Coffee Blues
5. Douglas Coupland – Generation X
6. Henry Rollins – Smile You’re Traveling
7. Alice Sebold – Flickan från ovan (The Lovely Bones)
8. George Orwell – 1984
9. Philip K Dick – Minority Report (short story collection)
10. Douglas Adams – Liftarens guide till galaxen (The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy)
11. Elin Lindqvist – Tokyo Natt (Tokyo Night)
12. William Gibson – Neuromancer
13. Tracy Chevalier – Falling Angels
14. John Ajvide Lindqvist – Låt den rätte komma in (Let The Right One In)
15. Andreas Roman – När änglar dör (When Angels Die)

So this is a start. Let’s see where this can go. I still have a few things and thoughts to iron out, but I have a pretty good idea about what I want this to be.

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