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Getting excited for Halo Reach

After watching some videos for Halo Reach, I’m starting to build up a lot of expectations. Normally, I’m pretty mellow when it comes to me buying into the hype of games. I can look forward to playing games, but that doesn’t mean that I go nuts about them. For some reason, I’m not like that with the Halo games. Here’s a video where one of the Bungie guys are showing off some multiplayer action while providing some interesting commentary and all the small details have gotten me all excited.

It’s nothing extremely special, really, but it’s all the small things put together that I really like. The funny thing is that I haven’t actually played Halo 3 that much online. I’ve been wanting to, but I’ve had other games that I’ve wanted to play more, mostly to get through single player story stuff. But I think that I might actually log a lot of time with Halo Reach. I bought Halo ODST, so I should be able to download the Reach beta and try it out.

I also can’t wait for the story mode of Halo Reach. I usually play it through myself first and then I get a few playthroughs co-operatively with some friends and I expect the same to happen with this one.

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