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Iron Man 2 and pee… don’t ask

Last weekend, me and two friends went to the movies to catch Iron Man 2. I went into the theatre with four cans of carbonated water and, not surprisingly, I had to pee when the movie was over. But it was that good kind of pee, the kind where you let out a nice, long groan as it flows down into the toilet bowl, thinking “god damn, this hits the spot”. It was doubly good because the movie I’d just seen was really entertaining. I find that peeing after a bad movie isn’t nearly as satisfying as after a good movie. Now I just wonder why I’m writing so much about my urination habits. We took a weird turn somewhere…

Robert Downey Jr. is perfect as Iron Man, but that was established already after the first movie. In this one, he’s just as good, if not better. The senate hearing scene was really fun with a lot of good lines delivered with perfect douchebag precision by Downey Jr. I really liked all of the supporting cast in this one, especially Paltrow and Rourke. The strongest part of IM2 compared to the first one is that there is a clear villain from the start of the movie and Rourke plays the role of Whiplash really well. Some reviewer, I think it was on IGN, said that Rourke could’ve overplayed the part like crazy and gotten away with it, but he gave a more subtle performance and that worked really well. The romantic tension between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts has been ramped up to just the right level. The addition of Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow works really well. I didn’t really have an idea of how they were going to use her in the movie, but she was played down for the most part, with some sexiness added sparsely and a lot of asskicking at one point.

What it all comes down to with Iron Man 2 is the action and the banter. The action is rock solid, although I would actually like to see some more of it. That’s the only downside of the movie, in my opinion, that it dragged during certain parts. Then again, that meant that more characterization could be squeezed in, so it’s all good in the end.  As for the banter, I don’t think I came across one single badly delivered line in the whole movie. Simply awesome. I give it 4 out of 5. Catch it in the movies while you have the chance, because it’s one of those perfect popcorn action movies.

The next superhero movie I watch will probably be Kick-Ass in the coming days. I’m super pumped for it, mainly because of Chloe Moretz and Nic Cage.

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