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Dakkster’s Top 300 Games, 275-251

Lots of games left to cover on this list, might as well keep it going. Check the blog tag Top 300 Games for all the posts about the list.

275: Maniac Mansion (NES) – This was a game that I got when I was really young and I didn’t understand it. A few years later, I went at it again with better results, but I didn’t beat it until even later still, when I tried it on Amiga or PC. The NES controller or interface didn’t really make things easy in this point and click game. Quirky game that is the predecessor to one of the funniest games of all time.

274: Blades of Steel (NES) – This game is completely hilarious to play these days, not only because of the downright weird hockey played, but also because of the jersey colors and other stuff. Of course, that’s from my perspective as an NHL fanatic. The fighting was fun and it could be a bit tricky to score sometimes, but I thought it was better than Ice Hockey (the NES game) because it felt more grown-up and cool. Really good music.

273: SWAT 4 (PC) – The SWAT games always felt like the red-headed stepchild in the family of tactical shooters. Compared to the Rainbow Six series, this was pretty dull, but it was still pretty cool because it was a bit closer to reality than the extreme terrorism scenarios in Rainbow Six. The action part of it wasn’t too good though, and the whole process of having to keep track of all the weapons and having to hogtie everyone got pretty boring in the long run.

272: Darius Twin (SNES) – A sidescrolling shoot’em up that was pretty entertaining and unique back in the day. You shot at big, robotic, flying fish. In space. Yes, someone was smoking powerful stuff when coming up with the concept for this game. Awesome gameplay though 🙂

271: Icewind Dale (PC) – This was the lesser cousin of Baldur’s Gate, didn’t lean that heavily on the story, but it was a nice dungeon crawler for anyone who loved the AD&D RPGing in Forgotten Realms.

270: Skyblazer (SNES) – This platformer was a nice action game where you could scale walls and I borrowed it from a friend. Then a few years later I wanted to play it again, so I borrowed it again and started playing, but something felt wrong. After a while, I was finally able to put my finger on what had been feeling wrong. I realized that the first time I’d borrowed it, I’d also borrowed a music CD (Pandora, apparently her genre is called “eurodance”. Okay…) that I’d listened to every single time I’d played the game. I promptly went back to my friend and asked to borrow the CD again, so I could play the game properly. Weird how audio/video associations work in our brains sometimes.

269: Ice Climber (NES) – This classic was really fun to play together and one of the first games where you could properly screw over your friend. Another game with very iconic music.

268: Puzzle Quest Galactrix (Xbox 360) – This was a game that I had great expectations for, but I was sorely disappointed. The game mechanic had been changed to something where randomness was too big of a factor. Still, there was kind of a charm to it that made me overcome the fairly shitty game mechanic. Also, the whole space gate closing issue got REALLY annoying after a while, but I just kept playing to get through the whole thing.

267: Police Quest (Amiga 500) – Here’s a classic. This is the kind of game that really got the imagination and creativity going, only to be disappointed by finding out that it was pretty limited. It would have been so much more fun if you could actually grab the balls of the guy in the precinct shower or just shoot anyone you wanted. Also, it got me paranoid about walking around my car every single time I wanted to drive somewhere, because if I didn’t, it might blow up randomly.

266: Prince of Persia (PC) -PoP had a very kinetic feel to it, even though it was released so many years ago. The motion of the prince was very well animated and the limited time the game gave you to run and fight your way through the castle gave it excellent pace and tension. I’ve been thinking about buying this old school version on Xbox Live.

265: Total Annihilation (PC) – My friends and I used to play this wonderfully big strategy game during LANs, but only after one of my friends had lobbied for it for months. When we gave it a shot we discovered that it’s actually a lot of fun to take your commander unit (I forget the exact name) and wreak havoc on your opponent’s base. I never played the story mode.

264: Lemmings 2 (Amiga 500) – I remember not actually playing through the levels of this one as I did with the first one. Instead I mostly just started one of the big rooms with no exit and went nuts with all the different skills you could give the lemmings. Lots of fun!

263: Super Return of the Jedi (SNES) – This one was the weakest of the SNES trilogy games. The concept was getting kind of old and you had all the force powers and yada yada… Still a lot of fun though and I think the Star Wars music always sounded great on the SNES.

262: Quake (PC) – I actually played through this game in a version that wasn’t the retail one. One of my dad’s colleagues got me the game and I could never beat the last level. Then when I asked a friend of mine how he did it, he showed me on his computer. I was flabbergasted because it wasn’t MY last level at all. The one my friend played actually made sense. Oh well… I guess I got some kind of beta version. This was the first game I started using the mouse to control the view. Before that, all the FPSes I had played, I’d done it with keyboard only. Great, fast-paced deathmatch, although my friends and I didn’t play it very much.

261: Silkworm (Amiga 500) – I never really liked being the jeep in Silkworm because I felt its movement was severely gimped compared to the helicopter’s. Still, it was a great co-op shoot’em up.

260: Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (PC) – Wow, this is one of those games that I wish could be re-released with a modern skin, so to speak. I loved the game mechanics of it, having a few guys with different strengths and weaknesses, figuring out how to beat the Nazi menace. Awesome! What really stood out to me and what’s still really nice about this game is the level of detail. The levels all looked so life-like.

259: Arkanoid (Amiga 500) – What can be said about Arkanoid, really? It’s one of those games that just has a no-brainer game mechanic. You have a paddle and you use it to bounce a ball to destroy bricks. Simple and brilliant. The laser power-up is lame!

258: Battle Chess (PC) – I used to play chess in a club when I was a kid. When this game popped up, chess got a lot more fun. My favorite killing move was when the rook devoured the queen.

257: Castlevania (NES) – Dracula has a special place in my heart because he’s a great video game villain. The first of the Castlevania games started a great series and Simon Belmont could really crack that whip. One thing that I never understood, however, is how you can find juicy steaks by whipping stone walls to dust. WTF?

256: Theme Hospital (PC) – What a change of pace this was back in the day. When pretty much every other game was about death and destruction, this little gem came along and suddenly, you were trying to save people. Actually, I’m a bit surprised that no one tried to capitalize on a revival of this one back when Scrubs was at its most popular. Seems like a no-brainer business idea to try. I guess not.

255: Dr. Mario (NES) – It’s pure coincidence that this one comes just ahead of Theme Hospital, actually. I still love those little bastards that you had to kill with the pills. Also, isn’t this a great image of how medicine works? “See, son, the way your pills work is that you’ve got these little yellow, blue and red mini-monsters inside of you and if we pile enough pills on them, they disappear and you get well again.”

254: The Thing (PC) – The movie is one of my all-time favorites and this game had something a lot of other games doesn’t have, especially not movie licence games: great atmosphere. It’s too bad it was lacking in some other departments, because this game was a blast to play, even with its faults. If you want a good horror title and you don’t mind things looking a bit dated, check this one out. If I remember correctly, it also spoils the ending of the movie if you haven’t already seen it.

253: Chime (Xbox 360) – A wonderful twist on Tetris and Lumines and half of the money you pay for it goes straight to charity. I just love how time tends to disappear whenever I sit down and play this game. The different tunes, although they’re not many, are varied and great at putting you in a sort of trance state of mind. Whenever you get a bunch of space covered in different ways, the music just explodes in a flurry of different sounds.

252: Super Empire Strikes Back (SNES) – The best part of this game, apart from the fun Hoth level where you battle ATATs, is that you finally get your hands on the light saber and get to use it properly. Some of the levels on Dagobah can be a bit confusing, but overall, I really like the settings in this one.

251: BattleZone (PC) – Alright, here we have a RTS/FPS hybrid that was sooooo way ahead of its time that it’s not funny. It got a sequel but I think that sold even worse than the first one. I got it as a bundle game with one of the first 3D accelerator cards I bought. Anyway, you control a hover tank or something like that and you can even change vehicles, but that’s not the important thing. The whole point of the game is that you can build buildings and units and then control them through this awesome first person interface, set out waypoints and all sorts of stuff. It was so fun in multiplayer and it’s a crying shame that there isn’t a similar game out these days.

Now I’m 50 games into the list and I still have 250 left to go. This is one massive project, but it’s fun, so I don’t mind. What do you think about my rankings so far?

  1. 22 May, 2010 at 06:21

    Blades of Steel was really really fun and the fighting is probably still the best out of any hockey game.

    Good to see Icecrawler in there. Pretty sure I played it as a part of a 100 games in 1 sort of NES disk and we spent a good deal of time playing it – along with Balloon Fighter(?).

    Police Quest was one of the first games that I can remember really spending a lot of time trying to puzzle through it over a long period of time. Space Quest was even better in my mind (maybe you’ll have that one soon).

    Prince of Persia I played a little bit on the Game Gear – found it too difficult to really get into it, though I didn’t own it so had to play it in quick chunks.

    Sad to see Quake so low on the list – it was a great game.

    I only ever played Arkanoid in the arcade while attending University and was never that great at it like the guys who could make it to the super crazy levels. I was much better at the old Super Breakout for Atari!

    Played lots of games of Battle Chess but before I was really big into chess like I am now.

    Can’t wait to see some of the later games, I have mulled over putting together a top 10 list of games that sucked time away from my life on my own blog, but I am waiting until I get my job/life figured out enough to have the energy to start writing daily again.

    • 22 May, 2010 at 10:47

      Out of all the Quest games, I only spent considerable time with the Police series. I watched my cousin play some Space, Kings and Hero’s quest and I tried getting into them many years later, but I was too impatient for them by then for some reason.

      Quake was a game that popped up in my circle of friends at roughly the same time as another game that’s in the top 20, which resulted in us not spending so much time on it. That was just the way it turned out, but yes, I agree, it is a great game.

      I’m going to check out your blog later today after I get back from a run and do some other stuff. It seems interesting after a quick look 🙂

  2. 22 May, 2010 at 21:19

    Wow I missed out on so much in life….If only I could take back the last 20 years….I wish I had a time machine. How I wasted my precious time in hollow pursuits. Since I didn’t get anywhere anyway I might as well have spent it all on games. 😉

  3. metaldude26
    27 May, 2010 at 08:28

    Phew, I thought for a second there you just might leave Lemmings out. I played that one for PC, sooooooo much fun!

    Also great call on Prince of Persia. I honestly had no idea that was the name of that game. I’d only ever played it at a friends house but as soon as I saw the graphic I knew what game it was. Fun little discovery for me there.

    Theme Hospital was the tits!

    Sorry to say I still haven’t played a majority of the games on this list though.

  4. lockedge
    1 June, 2010 at 16:57

    Oh man, Battlezone was loads of fun.

    Total Annihilation only in the 200s? 😦 That game was the best RTS until Homeworld hit.
    Lots of great games on this segment. Prince of Persia, Ice Climbers, Skyblazer, Blades of Steel, Maniac Mansion, Darius Twin, etc.

    Gonna check out the others 😀

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