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Splinter Cell Conviction, finished story

I just finished the story part of Splinter Cell Conviction and I must say, it was very satisfying. This was the best yet in terms of story in the series. I loved the narrative and how seamless it’s integrated with the rest of the game. The whole game is seamless, really. At the end I thought that there was a bit too much emphasis on shooting, but what are you going to do in the White House? I’m played it through on normal difficulty, so I’ll tackle realistic difficulty some other time. I’m still not done playing through the co-op prequel storyline with Kristian yet and then we have a bunch of Deniable Ops to take on and they seem really fun. So there’s still lots of fun time left to be had with this one.

This game is a must-play. The action is great and the sneaking is also great while still being pretty fast. You feel like a badass agent in the Jack Bauer mold and there were times when I took out eight or nine guys in the span of two seconds by using explosives, mark and execute and melee attacks like death from above. Very satisfying.

The next game I take on will probably be Ico for the PS2. It’s one of the classics that I’ve missed out on and it’s time for me to experience it, since everyone seems to love it.

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