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Old boob news!

Summer hiatus is now over. Still have some stuff to take care of but no need to let that get in the way of writing that I really want to do. So! What have I got in store for you? The Top 300 Games list will, of course, keep going, probably later today. But first! First I have this little diddy for you. Here it is!

I check a few news sites daily and on one of them, Sweden’s biggest news site Aftonbladet, they have a sidebar with a bunch of stories. In the last year or so, they’ve started putting advertisements there, almost masquerading as news stories. They have a different color and it says “ad” or something next to it, but if you’re really fast, you don’t get that it’s not a proper news story. Not that most of the stories on that site are proper news stories… it’s become more of a tabloid than a real newspaper, but what the hell…

One of the ads that are featured on there says something like “Lottery winner bought breast augmentations for her and her sisters”. I clicked it and I figured, hey, why not try to find pictures of these girls. They might look nice! So I google a bit and find a British forum that mention these girls, referencing what seems to be the original news article in some random local newspaper. Anyway, that’s not what’s interesting. What’s interesting is the date that the forum post was made. January 31st in 2006. Four and a half years ago! And now this Swedish “newspaper” is running the ad (for the betting site Nordicbet btw) like it’s news. Just how desperate for exposure and clicks are these people?

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