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The wrong lyrics

I like to sing and a lot of the time I get my guitar out to play and sing along to some songs here in front of the computer. I don’t have my guitar here right now, but I was singing along to Julian Velard’s song that I posted the other day. I decided that I want to sing along while looking up the lyrics because I don’t want to mumble through the passages I haven’t learned yet.

So there I am singing along and I get to the bridge at about 1:50 into the song. Go ahead and start the video and get to that part just to see how fucked up this is. I googled the song’s lyrics and got one single result. Here’s what that site suggests that the lyrics to the bridge are:

Pitch a tent and pay the bills
gone to man of magic seals
the moon is full the sun explodes then you let the door alone
with photographs a lonely mess i swear im never going down.

Now, if you’ve started the video and listened to that part, you hear that those aren’t the lyrics. AT ALL!

The thing is, someone is posting these lyrics on the sites and there’s no real verification system going on. It’s not the first time that a song gets the wrong lyrics on some random site like AZlyrics or whatever.

There’s even a site for it. Just go to Kissthisguy.com and they have a huge archive of common misheard lyrics. Some of the examples are pretty funny actually.

But in this case, Love Again For The First Time, those are SO not the words that Julian is singing. How high/drunk/deaf/stupid do you have to be to miss something by such a big margin? It’s fascinating, really. Oh well…

Right now I have a glass of wine that I want to finish and while I do that, I’ll play some poker. Three tables or something. I’ll have a movie in the background, probably one of my favorites: Definitely Maybe. Then it’s time for bed. Good times tonight, barbeque and stuff.

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