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Halo Legends

Today Halo Reach gets released and if everything goes as planned, I’m getting my hands on a copy. To prepare for it, I decided to watch Halo Legends, the anime project that was released a while ago. I’d put off watching it for the longest time, even though my best friend told me several times to watch it. Yeah, I’m an idiot that way.

But now I’ve watched it and I really liked it. Then again, I’m a complete Halo nut, so that’s hardly surprising. The DVD has everything a Halo fan can ask for, ranging from Forerunner back story, comedy bits (the 1337 episode was bordering on too silly, but it pulled it off), awesome action, insight into the Elites and it had lots of nods to the novels for those of us who have read them. The last episode where Master Chief, Kelly and Fred save Catherine Halsey was full of that kind of references, for example, but it wasn’t the only one. Basically, more projects like this should get done, because the end result was awesome.

So Halo Reach will be in my hands soon. I’m debating whether or not I should play it immediately or save it for when my best friend gets back from a work trip so we can co-op our way through it. It’s not like I have a lack of quality games to take on in the meantime anyway… We’ll see. Maybe I should get a poll going or something? “Which game in my pile of shame should I take on first?”

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