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Two books

Hi there. Been a while. Moving along.

I’ve started reading two books and I haven’t really gotten that far into them, but I still wanted to post a tidbit about them.

The first one is called Remainder by Tom McCarthy and it’s really got its own voice. I’ve never really read a book quite like it in how it talks directly to the reader in a more personal way, instead of just being a generic narrative. The voice of the novel reasons back and forth and tries to include the reader in almost casually conversational ways. It’s about a man who’s gotten a huge court settlement because he got a head injury in a vague accident and became semi-amnesiac. Supposedly he will start spending money to recreate memories, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I really like it so far though.

The second one is a book that I started reading over a year ago. It’s Douglas Coupland’s The Gum Thief and I recently picked it back up again. I started reading it the last time before I started writing my English thesis paper, but I ended up writing about Coupland’s Generation X instead of The Gum Thief, so I put TGF away until now. It’s about two really cynical people, Roger and Bethany, who work at an office supply store and start communicating through a diary. Roger is older, pretty much a failure at life, while Bethany is young and intrigued by Roger’s experience. At least that’s what I’ve gleaned from it so far. As with Remainder, I haven’t gotten that far into The Gum Thief yet. But it’s written in Coupland’s signature, witty prose and the sarcasm is tangible on every page.

There, now I have a reason to write more about them when I’ve finished them. I’ve told myself that I should read more books this year, so hopefully this can get me going. I’m also working on updating the Top 300 Games list.

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