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Song of the day, January 5th 2011

I’ve long wanted to put this song out there, because it’s one of those songs that should be loved by everyone. I’ve had it as a mantra/meditation song many times and maybe not in the way you’d expect. While I have actually used it to think calmly about stuff, I’ve mainly used it to keep me focused when playing a few shooters, especially back in the day when I was kicking ass in Quake 2. I’d put this song on repeat and then I’d go on to dominate servers and the song just kept me going, rocketjumping and railgunning people all over the place. Even today when I listen to it, I get the images of intense Quake 2 action on my retinas. It’s from the X-Files: Fight the Future soundtrack and it’s made by the brains and talent behind the band Oasis. Pure awesome.

Noel Gallagher – Teotihuacan

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