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Kind Of Like Metroid and Game Dev Story

So I’ve been playing a couple of games recently, smaller ones. I have a bunch of triple A titles for the Xbox 360 and PC (and other platforms too for that matter) to get through as well, but in the last few days I’ve really loved playing two games.

K.O.L.M. is a game that reminds me of the Metroidvania style games and that’s why the abbreviation stands for Kind Of Like Metroid. It’s got great, albeit pixellated, art direction and the music is hauntingly beautiful. It’s just about as simple as you can get it in the Metroidvania concept, but it still has a few touches that makes it stand out. First, the narrative about the mother and the robot and how the relation between them is presented. Second, the consciously pixellated graphics that are still beautiful even if they’re very monochrome, especially the way the game zooms in and out depending on how big the rooms are. It’s not a very long game so check it out, but keep in mind that it’s purposefully slow in the beginning.

You can find it here.

Game Dev Story is a little masterpiece that I got for my Android phone a few days ago but didn’t play until last night and boy, did I get hooked. I must have played it for six hours straight. I just couldn’t put it down. Awesome entertainment. It’s like Theme Park but with the twist that you control a game developer studio and you create games by assigning tasks to your different employees. You have designers, coders, sound engineers and a lot more and as you create better and better games, they sell better and you get to expand your studio and employ more people and create even better games by leveling up your employees and training them in different disciplines. It’s all done in this extremely charming retro package and the references to the different platforms (my most successful game has been for the Sonny PlayStatus). It costs a couple of bucks but it’s sooooo worth it.

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