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I think I broke it

I think I just broke Game Dev Story. At this point in the game, every game I develop becomes a hall of fame game and sells enough to get the #1 spot on the sales charts.

That’s why I decided to try something. My development team is pretty good right now, with several of them having traits in the 300s, if that tells you anything. Bottom line, my guys and gals are awesome. That’s why I decided to try and make the worst game I could. I picked two unpopular genres that I had never made a game with before, making me level 0 for each of them. With C popularity instead of A, the two genres I decided to use were Racing and Detective. Yes, I got a comment that it was a strange combo and that it potentially wouldn’t sell at all.

Then I outsourced the scenario writing to the cheapest and worst possible person, because none of my own people were bad enough. I did the same with graphics and sound design and didn’t use any boosts. Oh, I also used the Speed plan to speed up development, costing me quality. The reviews I got was one single point from getting into the hall of fame and when I got word about the first week of sales, it had, surprise surprise, ended up in the #1 spot. Yes, I can’t fail in this game even if I make an effort to. Bummer. The only thing I have left to do is to get a game of the year award. I usually take home all the other awards except that one.

So maybe I’m done with that game soon. But I paid something like 3 bucks for it and I’ve spent around 12 hours on it. Pretty good value for those 3 bucks if you ask me. And the developer apparently has two more games on the way. One is a direct sequel and the other is a game where you run a game store instead of a developer studio. I’m getting both as soon as they are released. You should too.

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