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Best of the Wings

31 July, 2011 Leave a comment

So a question came up over at DobberHockey, asking people to post the best all-time lineup of your favorite team. I came up with this for the Red Wings.

Brendan Shanahan – Steve Yzerman – Gordie Howe
Pavel Datsyuk – Sergei Fedorov – Tomas Holmstrom
Ted Lindsay – Alex Delvecchio – Henrik Zetterberg
Kirk Maltby – Kris Draper – Darren McCarty
(Igor Larionov, Bob Probert)

Nicklas Lidstrom – Vladimir Konstantinov
Mark Howe – Red Kelly
Chris Chelios – Vyacheslav Fetisov
(Paul Coffey, Larry Murphy)

Dominik Hasek
Terry Sawchuk
(Chris Osgood)

Pretty damn solid if you ask me.  Now I just want the Wings to take a risk with Nikolay Zherdev for this coming season. I think Datsyuk could set him straight and the Wings could have a 30 goal guy on the right wing.

Evil drugs in Fallout?

2 July, 2011 Leave a comment

Today I read a cool article about how feasible the Fallout games are. Check it out here. Anyway, when I was done with the article I came to the comments and immediately saw this gem:

I actually never got into Fallout, simply because of their rampant abuse of evil chemical drugs – its a big turnoff to me.

Disgusting game.

Wow. Yeah, because no one in reality ever used any drugs. The hilarious part is that this person has 420 in the username, which makes it painfully obvious why it is particularly “chemical” drugs that are evil. Because “natural” drugs are completely harmless. Yeah. Also, saying that Fallout rampantly abuses drugs is about the same as saying that Mass Effect contains graphic sex that the player can control.

I’m fine with people calling the game disgusting, but I would expect them to call it that because you can blow people heads off in a very graphic fashion. But drugs? Fuck off.

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