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Best of the Wings

31 July, 2011 Leave a comment

So a question came up over at DobberHockey, asking people to post the best all-time lineup of your favorite team. I came up with this for the Red Wings.

Brendan Shanahan – Steve Yzerman – Gordie Howe
Pavel Datsyuk – Sergei Fedorov – Tomas Holmstrom
Ted Lindsay – Alex Delvecchio – Henrik Zetterberg
Kirk Maltby – Kris Draper – Darren McCarty
(Igor Larionov, Bob Probert)

Nicklas Lidstrom – Vladimir Konstantinov
Mark Howe – Red Kelly
Chris Chelios – Vyacheslav Fetisov
(Paul Coffey, Larry Murphy)

Dominik Hasek
Terry Sawchuk
(Chris Osgood)

Pretty damn solid if you ask me.  Now I just want the Wings to take a risk with Nikolay Zherdev for this coming season. I think Datsyuk could set him straight and the Wings could have a 30 goal guy on the right wing.

Gordo and prospects

2 June, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m in bed now, getting ready for sleep, but I’m not quite there yet, so I’m going to listen to the latest SModcast while I “flip through” the 2010 Prospects Report from Dobberhockey.

The latest SModcast promises more Gordo. I love Gordo. Gordo the righteously indignant Canadian character that Scott Mosier does sometimes and the result is always hilarious. SModcast is one of my favorite podcasts and I have plans for more podcast posts, because I listen to a whole bunch of them. So many, in fact, that I hardly listen to music at home anymore.

The 2010 Dobberhockey Prospects Report is fuel for my guilty pleasure, fantasy hockey. What it is… well, I’m too tired to explain it all right now, but I love playing it because it caters to my sticky brain and prospects are a lot of fun. So I’ll be browsing the PDF I just downloaded… “flipping through”… yes, sorry about that. Although I will actually print the whole thing out when the revised edition is released in a few weeks. Don’t want to kill too many trees.

NHL 10 tournament tonight

28 May, 2010 3 comments

Quickie post. Tonight I will be playing in an NHL 10 tournament. Some friends of mine will be among the other contestants and there will apparently be six or seven guys I don’t know who will also participate. We did this  a few weeks ago and I ended up finishing second that time, losing a game I feel I should’ve won, but I hit a whole bunch of posts and the bounces just didn’t go my way. Trying again tonight! The setup is that we play on two PS3s next to each other at a store owned by a guy I know. It was a lot of fun the last time, so we’ll see what happens this time. The guy arranging it was talking about doing some sort of mini world championship, but if we’re 10-12 players, then a matchup of Canada against Belarus isn’t really fair. I also don’t like playing on the big ice in those games.

I expect it to be a whole bunch of fun and I’m usually pretty upbeat regardless of how it goes. It was a bit weird getting used to playing it on the PS3 the last time, but that transition should go smoother tonight. Wish me luck! 🙂