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The Lost Finale

24 May, 2010 3 comments

No spoilers here.

I just finished watching the last episode of Lost. I like it. It was one of those inevitable things and it was good that it went out when it did and the way it did. No ending could have been entirely satisfactory, so I guess this is as good as it gets. At least it made me tear up a bit. No, that’s selling it short. It was a great ending.

I just don’t like it when things end, but that’s not Lost’s fault. Funny how the span of Lost, it’s air-time I mean, roughly matched my time at the university. I bet I will make associations with it for the rest of my life. That’s just the way my brain works.

What did you think? Keep it spoiler-free in the comments, please. Goodbye, Lost. See you in five or ten years or so, when I’ll re-watch you.

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