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Old boob news!

26 August, 2010 Leave a comment

Summer hiatus is now over. Still have some stuff to take care of but no need to let that get in the way of writing that I really want to do. So! What have I got in store for you? The Top 300 Games list will, of course, keep going, probably later today. But first! First I have this little diddy for you. Here it is!

I check a few news sites daily and on one of them, Sweden’s biggest news site Aftonbladet, they have a sidebar with a bunch of stories. In the last year or so, they’ve started putting advertisements there, almost masquerading as news stories. They have a different color and it says “ad” or something next to it, but if you’re really fast, you don’t get that it’s not a proper news story. Not that most of the stories on that site are proper news stories… it’s become more of a tabloid than a real newspaper, but what the hell…

One of the ads that are featured on there says something like “Lottery winner bought breast augmentations for her and her sisters”. I clicked it and I figured, hey, why not try to find pictures of these girls. They might look nice! So I google a bit and find a British forum that mention these girls, referencing what seems to be the original news article in some random local newspaper. Anyway, that’s not what’s interesting. What’s interesting is the date that the forum post was made. January 31st in 2006. Four and a half years ago! And now this Swedish “newspaper” is running the ad (for the betting site Nordicbet btw) like it’s news. Just how desperate for exposure and clicks are these people?

The greatest news text in the history of the world

17 June, 2010 Leave a comment

Let me show you the single most brilliant news text that has ever been published:

(Reuters) – A German student created a major traffic jam in Bavaria after making a rude gesture at a group of Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang members, hurling a puppy at them and then escaping on a stolen bulldozer.

That bit of genius is from this news report. I don’t think I should have to say more. The text sort of says it all, don’t you think? If anyone can find anything that tops that collection of 36 magical words, let me know!

Some random thoughts on E3 2010

16 June, 2010 2 comments

I haven’t scoured every bit of detail about E3 so far and I certainly haven’t watched any of the press conferences. I’ve watched a few trailers and interviews and read some news bits and previews. Some thoughts.

– Dead Space 2 looks awesome, just like the first one.

– Zelda: Skyward Sword looks extremely “meh” and it annoys me to no end that none of the 2D games were included at the start of the E3 trailer.

– I’m really looking forward to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Has me wanting to play through the first one again.

– Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood looks interesting.

– Medal of Honor and Call of Duty: Black Ops haven’t wowed me at all, thinking that with everything I have to play, I’ll just pass on them and pick them up when they’re in the bargain bin.

– New Xbox 360 looks spiffy and I want one. Will depend on income, though, not a must-buy. Would be cool, though.

– Kinect is cool but soooooo gimmicky. Haven’t seen anything about the PlayStation Move yet, but my attitude towards that is the same. Fun for a short while, then it collects dust.

– Gears 3 will probably be a release day-buy for me.

– The Nintendo 3DS seems cool, although I’m not going gaga over Kid Icarus, since I didn’t play the NES game that much.

– I’m insanely excited about Fallout New Vegas, Halo Reach and Bionic Commando Rearmed 2. Add Deus Ex and Dead Space 2 to those and you have my five winners so far this year.

– Rage, Ghost Recon, Super Scribblenauts and Crysis 2 are all in the upper echelon of my excitement, but not overly so.

– Metal Gear Rising looks very cool, but it’s not my kind of genre, so I’ll probably pass on it.

– The new XBLA Castlevania game didn’t get me one bit excited. It’s a raid game. I want the Metroidvania, not a damn multiplayer raid game.

– DarkStar One: Broken Alliance looks incredibly cool, but it’s one of those games that I will want to play before I buy it, because it seems like it might be too big for its own good, making all the parts mediocre. That’s a risk with big games like that, but if they pull it off, I’m buying it.

– Goldeneye with Daniel Craig? Epic meh.

– Portal 2 should be fun.

– PlayStation Plus was a given. Should be fun to see how the PS3 fanboys react to rationalize their whining about Xbox Live being paid.

Also, as a Swede I have to go through the pain of listening to other Swedes butcher the English language when they pronounce stuff. I just heard Raving Rabbids pronounced in a way that I didn’t think was possible. I might be unforgiving here, but I think that if you spend so much time using and consuming modern media, like most gamers in their 20s and 30s do, you shouldn’t fuck up the pronunciation THAT badly. It shouldn’t even be considered your second language, because you’re exposed to it so damn much it should be second NATURE. It’s just unacceptable. Woe…

More Israeli idiocy, this time from America

15 June, 2010 5 comments

Yes, of course. Elected Democrats held a rally in New York, calling for the “terrorists” who organized the Ship to Gaza flotilla to be banned from the US so they can’t get into the country. They want visas to be denied and all that jazz. I love how they call aid workers terrorists and how a humanitarian aid effort is somehow a terrorist action. Goddamn idiots.

Israel oversteps its bounds, part 4645718134

31 May, 2010 4 comments

Picture not related to the incidentThis morning, Israel attacked an aid convoy on international waters. They boarded the convoy using helicopters and warships and when they met resistance, they killed 19 civilian people and injured upwards to 60 others. On international waters. The way I see it, in this case Israel is no better than the modern day pirates on the coast of Africa. They have once again stepped over the line and decided that they are above international laws, regulations and human rights. For the umpteenth time. It’s tiresome to see them get away with it over and over just because they have the United States of America at their heel at each and every turn. As an American, I would feel ashamed that my government is aiding a terrorist nation. Pathetic.

I’ve read through the reports in the Swedish press as well as the ones from CNN and Al-Jazeera. It’s interesting and a bit scary to see the differences in reporting. On CNN, it’s 10 people dead. On Al-Jazeera and in Sweden, it’s 19 dead, 60 injured. Go figure. Count on the US media to give a “nuanced” account. Pathetic.

I’m just tired that Israel keeps getting away with abominable acts like these. All the time, over and over. And then at the end of the day, they still have that wall that’s one of the biggest jokes on human rights in history. Especially in light of history. We’re supposed to learn from it. Israel clearly doesn’t learn from history, yet they keep playing the Holocaust Sympathy Card (that’s trademarked by the Jews, I believe) all the time. Pathetic.

What the US government does in this situation will be interesting, but I don’t expect anything groundbreaking. Obama, Biden or Clinton will say that it’s an unfortunate situation, bla bla bla yada yada yada. The usual. No repercussions. Israel will be able to keep taking a huge dump on the whole Middle-East and the international community as a whole and they will keep getting away with it. Pathetic.

I’ve never liked Israel, the state, and I probably never will. They break so many international laws over and over, yet continue to be coddled with. It’s goddamn pathetic.