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Shows are getting back

18 September, 2010 Leave a comment

Real Time with Bill Maher got back on the airwaves yesterday, which is good. I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I’ll get around to it sooner or later. Soon the rest of the regular show lineup will start up again. Here are the shows I’m looking forward to this fall.

The Office – My favorite show for severals years running. I’m dreading what happens after this upcoming season because Steve Carell has said that it’s going to be his last year as Michael Scott. That’s why I’ll savor every minute of this upcoming season.

The Big Bang Theory – Sitcom that’s could be getting close to jumping the shark with getting Sheldon a love interest, but I’ll watch it.

How I Met Your Mother – This one’s getting drawn out to the extreme. Apparently Jennifer Morrison from House M.D. is going to join the show as Ted’s love interest. Considering how much they teased the mother to us last season, things will have to start happening for real soon. Could she be it?

Chuck – Obviously, considering my recent posts about the show. I haven’t caught up to next season just yet, but I’m still excited about a new season coming.

House M.D. – Last season I didn’t watch it until all of the episodes had aired. Actually, I plowed through the entire season in early August.

Fringe – Loved what happened in this show at the end of last season. Can’t wait for the next season to start.

Family Guy – The Griffin family keeps being Simpsons on steroids and ecstacy. Sometimes the show gets a bit tiresome, but it’s mostly good.

American Dad/The Simpsons – I’m getting more and more “meh” about these two. Don’t know if I’ll keep watching them.

South Park – Best social commentary on TV, still as smart as when Matt Stone and Trey Parker started out. Can’t wait for it to start.

I usually download them and watch them whenever I have some time to spare. Other than these shows I’m already watching The Daily Show, of course. Real Time and The Daily Show gets me all the American political satire/commentary I need.

I’m going to miss watching 24, Lost and Numb3rs, but I’ve found an old show that I used to catch sometimes on TV when I still actually watched shows on TV. I’ve been searching on and off for this show (both to buy or download, whatever works for me) for years and yesterday I finally found it for download. It’s the show Ed with Tom Cavanagh and a bunch of others in an amazing ensemble cast, one of them being Justin Long before he broke onto the movie scene. I used to catch an episode here and there and I really loved it, so I was a bit bummed out when I couldn’t find it.

Charlie Brooker’s columns and shows

13 September, 2010 1 comment

Charlie Brooker is a guy I started watching and reading over the summer. I downloaded all the episodes of his shows Screenwipe, Gameswipe and Newswipe and after watching those and really appreciating his dry sarcasm, I found out that he writes colums here and there. Checking them out, he’s now in my RSS reader and I read everything he writes religiously. It feels like he writes directly to me, but of course he doesn’t. But that’s how you know someone is a good writer for you, obviously.

His latest column, about Google Instant, is chock full of his usual sarcastic banter and comical observations about life in 2010. You should really check it out, and while you’re at it, go check out Screenwipe and Newswipe as well. Screenwipe takes an analytical, yet comical, look at TV and how it works. One episode can break down children’s TV into its different components while another goes through budgets and how gameshows are made. All the while he’s commenting with exceptionally witty remarks from his own living room, often being very self-deprecating towards himself and the society he chooses to live in. Newswipe, on the other hand, looks at the current events in news and I’d say that it’s like a British and way meaner version of The Daily Show.

As far as his points in the column go, I totally agree with him, and I think I’m going to try out that Pomodoro technique. I have a bunch of writing and other projects that I want to get done and even though my productivity has gone up, I still want to do more.

I leave you with my favorite bit from Newswipe, Charlie Brooker on the anatomy of a news report.

I like Chuck

29 August, 2010 Leave a comment

Recently I’ve started watching the show Chuck and right now I’m five episodes in.  I really like it and I can see how there’s potential for some good character development, which is usually what gets me hooked on shows. Here are some early reasons why I really like the show.

Yvonne Strahovski is goddamn smoking. Could be the most stunning woman in the world right now. Yeah, let’s lay it on thick. But really, she is gorgeous and has such a presence on the screen. How she isn’t a big name in movies yet is so beyond me that it’s not even funny. She also pulls off being vulnerable when she needs to.

Zachary Levi. Wow, his deadpan acting is just perfect and I also discovered that he can sing (look for an upcoming song of the day).

The banter and comedic timing is the best part of the show. All the actors work so well together, even the guest stars. Must be a really fun set. Just check out this video.

I’ve had a mancrush on Adam Baldwin ever since Serenity. I have to say, though, that I like him more when he’s not too smart. But his surly attitude in Chuck also works.

The supporting cast is also spot on and even though Chuck’s best friend Morgan is a bit too much sometimes, he’s growing on me. The sister and Captain Awesome are good together.

Also, the music is pretty good too. I’ve already discovered two great songs that are new to me. That happened all the time with Numb3rs.

The Lost Finale

24 May, 2010 3 comments

No spoilers here.

I just finished watching the last episode of Lost. I like it. It was one of those inevitable things and it was good that it went out when it did and the way it did. No ending could have been entirely satisfactory, so I guess this is as good as it gets. At least it made me tear up a bit. No, that’s selling it short. It was a great ending.

I just don’t like it when things end, but that’s not Lost’s fault. Funny how the span of Lost, it’s air-time I mean, roughly matched my time at the university. I bet I will make associations with it for the rest of my life. That’s just the way my brain works.

What did you think? Keep it spoiler-free in the comments, please. Goodbye, Lost. See you in five or ten years or so, when I’ll re-watch you.

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