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Evil drugs in Fallout?

2 July, 2011 Leave a comment

Today I read a cool article about how feasible the Fallout games are. Check it out here. Anyway, when I was done with the article I came to the comments and immediately saw this gem:

I actually never got into Fallout, simply because of their rampant abuse of evil chemical drugs – its a big turnoff to me.

Disgusting game.

Wow. Yeah, because no one in reality ever used any drugs. The hilarious part is that this person has 420 in the username, which makes it painfully obvious why it is particularly “chemical” drugs that are evil. Because “natural” drugs are completely harmless. Yeah. Also, saying that Fallout rampantly abuses drugs is about the same as saying that Mass Effect contains graphic sex that the player can control.

I’m fine with people calling the game disgusting, but I would expect them to call it that because you can blow people heads off in a very graphic fashion. But drugs? Fuck off.

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My first legit headphones

23 September, 2010 Leave a comment

Today I ordered a pair of headphones. I’ve bought headphones before. Small $15 earplug pop-ins that are integrated into a necklace to hold your mp3 player. They don’t count. They’re not proper headphones. Today I ordered proper headphones. Apparently they’re called DJ headphones. Yeah, that’s how in the know I am about this.

The reason is that my neighbor has been banging on my wall if I listen to a podcast. It’s completely fucking ridiculous that I can’t even listen to Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant talk shit about Karl Pilkington without my neighbor banging on the wall after 10 PM. It’s a goddamn podcast and I hardly have the volume up high. And this apartment complex is supposed to have good isolation. That has been the reason why I haven’t played a lot of games late at night the last few months. I’ve had plenty of opportunity, but I haven’t done anything with that time and opportunity to entertain myself with my Xbox.

That’s why I went and placed an order for a pair of proper headphones. I figure I can sit there and listen to my games without having to worry about having my wall broken down. What pisses me off even more about my idiot neighbors is that they’re completely clueless about how their kids are INCREDIBLY annoying, yelling their asses off just outside my balcony. Do I complain about it? No, I don’t. I should start to even out the odds.

Anyway, I looked around and first I thought I should get a pair of Sony MDR-XB400. Yeah, says about as much to me. They’re headphones, they’re black. Apparently they’re also not very good. Then I started looking at different KOSS headphones. Couldn’t really find a pair that appealed to me that much. Threw out a few tweets to people who might be in the know and got a tip about the brand Skullcandy. Found some interesting models in my price range and a few a bit above my price range that were really interesting. Read a whole bunch of tests and customer reviews and really wanted those a bit more expensive ones. Then I got a call that I got the job I interviewed for yesterday, so I figured “fuck it, I can take that extra $20 hit to my wallet. I got these:

Skullcandy G.I. Red Print

I’m not a very extravagant person, especially not when it comes to clothing and style. I was very close to ordering a black model. But I figured this would be interesting. I can use them for my mp3 player but I will be using them mostly at home. According to the listing on the site where I ordered them, I should be getting a 3m extension cord so I won’t have to buy an extra just to be able to connect it to my receiver for the Xbox. It should arrive in the mail on Monday or Tuesday.

Nudity vs violence in censorship (or, Why the US is stupid, part 1)

3 September, 2010 12 comments

I just watched a video review of the game God of War 3 by the talentless hack The Irate Gamer. I watch him just so I can get annoyed by him, because that’s fun too. But this post isn’t mainly about him, although he thoroughly sucks. No, it’s about something he said in the review. It reflects on the entire entertainment industry in the US. Here’s a quote:

“now let me preface by saying that this game is NOT intended for kids since it includes harsh language, nudity and a scene of Kratos getting it on with goddess Aphrodite”

It’s not for kids because of harsh language and sexuality. Not once does he mention the gruesome violence and ubiquitous blood being bad for kids. That’s something I will NEVER understand about the Yankee entertainment industry. Over here in Europe we put a stamp of age restriction on something if it has explicit violence. Nudity? Hell no! Why? BECAUSE THE HUMAN BODY ISN’T DANGEROUS! The naked human body is just about the most natural thing in the world for us humans, so why would seeing it hurt kids? It’s ridiculous. But it’s ooooookay to show Kratos ripping limbs off of bodies and whatnot. Yeah, that’s the most natural thing in the world.

Just another reason why the US is considered generally stupid by us Europeans.

More Israeli idiocy, this time from America

15 June, 2010 5 comments

Yes, of course. Elected Democrats held a rally in New York, calling for the “terrorists” who organized the Ship to Gaza flotilla to be banned from the US so they can’t get into the country. They want visas to be denied and all that jazz. I love how they call aid workers terrorists and how a humanitarian aid effort is somehow a terrorist action. Goddamn idiots.

My EA support adventure

7 April, 2010 Leave a comment

This is an experience I had with Electronic Arts’ online support people about two months ago when I was having trouble getting Dragon Age: Origins to work properly with the DLC I had bought online. I had also used a free gift voucher that I got in the game box. I had no problem buying them with my newly created Bioware/EA profile or downloading and installing them. Downloading patches worked fine too. Then I became swamped with work and other stuff and had no time to play until two weeks later. When I tried to reload my save the game told me that I was “Unauthorized” to use that DLC. I went back and forth trying a bunch of stuff to make it work and to make sense of it all. No such luck.

I wrote EA support about it and got a standard reply. Tweeted about it:

I love how EA says that I must use another account to access my Dragon Age DLC, when I only have one account. Fuckers.

I then wrote them this on their support correspondence page:

The game says that I’m unauthorized to use the DLC I’ve purchased and used my download code for. It claims that I’m not logged in with the correct account, when I have never used more than my current account. When I access my “Your registered game promotions” on the Bioware Social Network, it says that I’ve got Warden’s Keep and The Stone Prisoner, but the game will not let me use them. Since I cannot possibly log in with another account, what do you propose I do to remedy this? I fully expect to get access to the DLC I’ve paid for. When can I expect to be able to play what I’ve paid for?

Reply sent, the system told me that I would have a reply within 24 hours. My next tweets looked like this:

EA support said I should expect a response within 24 hours. 30 and counting, no response… Fuck you, EA.

EA douchebaggery update: Approaching 48 hours and still no response from them. “Expect a response within 24 hours” my ass!

EA update: Answer came after 60 hours, containing a solution that contradicted my situation and that actually was no solution. Retards.

The answer I got looked like this:


Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your Dragon Age: Origins purchase. It is always a pleasure to assist our customers in any way that we can.

At first, please accept my apologies for any delay in addressing your issue. Please note that due to the release of this popular game, Dragon Age of Origins we are getting contacts in volumes comparing to normal flow. Though we are trying to get back to every one as soon as possible a little delay is inevitable.

I’m sorry to hear about the issue you are facing with Dragon Age: Origins download content. This happens when an account which does have access to these items downloads them at any point, and another account logs in (which does not have these entitlements.

If there is anything else we can help you with please let us know. Additional support can be found on our help site located at

EA Customer Support – Dragon Age: Origins

Howdy Vincent! Now you’re my pal! Or not. Vincent managed to fuck up the URL to the solution, so I had to copy and paste myself. You’re not getting any brownie points here. Anyhow, that page told me that it’s a bad booboo to log in with another account when you’ve already downloaded DLC with a first one. Too bad for Vincent that I wrote in my original message that I’ve only used one account. After that I wrote another reply and attached two screenshots just to be overly clear. Here it is:

Dear Vincent. I am really, truly sorry if you (or whoever else reads this update) are offended by any frustration I might display in the coming lines.

In my original message I EXPLICITLY stated that I had “never used more than my current account”. That alone contradicts your “solution” of my problem. I put that in quotation marks because what you provided wasn’t a solution. So please, in the future, stop wasting my, your own and EA/BioWare’s time by trying to flip me a “solution” that you already, from the information given to you, KNOW will not do anything at all.

So let’s try this again, shall we? I have still paid money and spent a download code on this and I fully intend to get what I paid for. I will get painstakingly detailed here, so that you can’t possibly botch this.

After I installed the game, I got myself to the DLC part of the menu. This required that I log in. I logged in using my existing EA account which is tied to the email address I entered the DLC code for the Stone Prisoner that I got on the card that came with the game. I then purchased points so I could get Warden’s Keep. After that I downloaded and installed both of them. How is this possible? Because I marked the “Always log me in” box the first time I entered my log-in details. This was more than a week before I discovered that the game called my DLC unauthorized. I will now re-state what I wrote in my original question. I HAVE NEVER EVER USED ANY OTHER ACCOUNT THAN WHEN PLAYING DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS. Is that clear enough? I always used the “Always log me in” function until the game started complaining and I tried a few different log-ins.

Thus far, it should be clear as goddamn day that there is something wrong here and the fault isn’t on my end. What with the “only using one, single account” thing, I mean. But then we get to part two. If I log in to it says that my account has the following details:

Email Address:
Xbox Gamertag(s): Dakkster
PSN Name(s): None

That’s all well and good, everything’s correct. I then click myself into Profile and then Your registered game promotions. On that page it quite clearly says that I have access to Warden’s Keep and The Stone Prisoner. I’ve included two screenshots. One of them shows this page. The other shows the menu in-game, showing that I’m logged in to the same account ( Those two screenshots don’t mix. They contradict each other.

So again, I’ve paid for the content, I’m only using one single account, BioWare’s page RIGHTLY shows that I should have access to the content. But the game doesn’t allow me to. So what I want you guys at EA Support to do, is to fix this. If there is a glitch somewhere in the DRM server or whatever, you make sure that I get access to what I paid for in the game. I have done everything I can do and the fact that I didn’t even do anything wrong in the first place is a bit annoying. What’s even more annoying is that I have to spell things out to you guys like this. Is it really THAT hard to read and comprehend “I have never used more than my current account”?

I’m awaiting your SOLUTION.

After this someone other than Vincent replied, someone who actually possessed some technical know-how, and my problem was swiftly resolved. My dripping sarcasm wouldn’t have been necessary if EA didn’t assume that their customers are morons.