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Stone Sour’s new album Audio Secrecy

7 September, 2010 1 comment

When I woke up today, I had a message on MSN waiting for me. It was my friend Johan who wrote something like “HOLY FUCKING SHIT! GET STONE SOUR’S NEW ALBUM!” and so I did.

Right now I’m halfway through it and my reaction? I can bet you that when this year is over, this album will be the one I’ve listened to the most. There is really only one contender to that place, Katharine McPhee’s Unbroken, and even though I’ve listened to that one A LOT this year, Stone Sour fits my mood in the autumn and winter more.

Yep, this album is, at least up until track 11, which I’m listening to now, damn near perfect. It also makes me happy to have a proper sound system. I listened to about 20 seconds of the first song on my computer speakers and then I promptly went and started the surround system to fill the entire apartment with sound. We’ll see if I fall in love with a song more than I fell in love with Zzyzx Rd.

I’ll write more about the album when it’s really part of my system. Right now it’s all oooh and aaah and new stuff and all that jazz.

Song of the day, August 30th 2010

30 August, 2010 Leave a comment

As I said in the last post, I’d get some Zachary Levi singing up here. I really love this song.

Katharine McPhee ft. Zachary Levi – Terrified