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Charlie Brooker’s columns and shows

13 September, 2010 1 comment

Charlie Brooker is a guy I started watching and reading over the summer. I downloaded all the episodes of his shows Screenwipe, Gameswipe and Newswipe and after watching those and really appreciating his dry sarcasm, I found out that he writes colums here and there. Checking them out, he’s now in my RSS reader and I read everything he writes religiously. It feels like he writes directly to me, but of course he doesn’t. But that’s how you know someone is a good writer for you, obviously.

His latest column, about Google Instant, is chock full of his usual sarcastic banter and comical observations about life in 2010. You should really check it out, and while you’re at it, go check out Screenwipe and Newswipe as well. Screenwipe takes an analytical, yet comical, look at TV and how it works. One episode can break down children’s TV into its different components while another goes through budgets and how gameshows are made. All the while he’s commenting with exceptionally witty remarks from his own living room, often being very self-deprecating towards himself and the society he chooses to live in. Newswipe, on the other hand, looks at the current events in news and I’d say that it’s like a British and way meaner version of The Daily Show.

As far as his points in the column go, I totally agree with him, and I think I’m going to try out that Pomodoro technique. I have a bunch of writing and other projects that I want to get done and even though my productivity has gone up, I still want to do more.

I leave you with my favorite bit from Newswipe, Charlie Brooker on the anatomy of a news report.